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Sharjah, located in the United Arab Emirates, is a city rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. It is the third-largest emirate in the UAE and is known for its cultural heritage and Islamic architecture. With so many unique places to explore, Sharjah is a must-visit destination for travelers. Here are 5 interesting places to visit in Sharjah.

  1. Sharjah Arts Museum

A perfect destination for art lovers. It is home to a vast collection of artworks from around the world and offers visitors an opportunity to explore various art forms. The museum features a range of exhibitions that showcase local and international artists, including traditional Islamic art, contemporary art, and calligraphy.

  1. Al Majaz Waterfront

An ideal spot for a family outing. It offers a range of activities, including a musical fountain show, a children’s playground, and a jogging track. Visitors can also take a boat ride to explore the lagoon, and there are numerous cafes and restaurants that serve traditional Emirati cuisine.

  1. Al Noor Island

A stunning attraction that is perfect for nature lovers. The island features a beautiful butterfly house, a botanical garden, and an art centre. Visitors can also explore the island’s various sculptures and installations that are designed to showcase the natural beauty of the region.

  1. Sharjah Aquarium

A must-visit destination for marine enthusiasts. It is home to a wide range of marine life, including sharks, rays, and sea turtles. Visitors can also explore the aquarium’s many exhibits, which showcase the region’s rich maritime history.

  1. Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization is a fascinating destination for those interested in history and culture. It is home to a vast collection of artifacts that showcase the Islamic world’s rich cultural heritage. The museum features exhibits on Islamic art, science, and history, and visitors can also explore the museum’s beautiful architecture and stunning courtyards.

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